7 Career Advice Tips if you’re considering a change.

1. Action cures Fear

Firstly Do something! Don’t say – I can’t, however fearful you might be. Ask for help, people will help if they see you are making a genuine effort to take action. Action empowers you, the first step will be the hardest and gradually you will start to take bigger and bigger steps. Keep taking action every day.

2. Invest in Yourself

Retrain? – To do what you might:
Make a list of your Top 5 outside work interest areas. Now explore all the jobs in these areas. Don’t even think, I couldn’t do that, just list the jobs. What retraining is needed? Decide and start a course, just do it, it will never be a waste when it’s an area that you’re interested in.

3. What I want to do next is…

Bitching, Moaning, & Whinging, (BMW) won’t get your jobs back. Decide you’re not going to be a member of the BMW club at work. Move on – tell people what you want to do next is ….. It’s a new positive message you are sending out to people. You are not telling people how bad life is, how much you will miss your job & your friends. You are telling people what I want to do next is…

4. Network

It’s an ugly word for many but Network. Some people see networking as using people. It’s not; it’s approaching people and telling them your new story. Start small and keep making new contacts every day. Using linked in as a job leads network is now one of the most effective online job search strategies. Also get out and attend chamber events, local enterprise evenings. Anywhere that puts you in contact with other people who need to hear you story of what you want to do next.

5. Volunteer

The recession has meant that thousands of people are now volunteering. Special Olympics Ireland in Limerick this June is now oversubscribed by a thousand, so many wanted to volunteer. Sitting at home worrying yourself sick is not healthy. Get out and volunteer and who knows who you meet that may lead to a job opportunity.

6. You’re never too old

Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken as a business with his first pension cheque at 65 years of age. He built a global franchise in the following 20 years. You’re never too old when you have a Self Employed mindset and can live with failure. He had been turned down over 100 times before his recipe for chicken became famous worldwide. The age barrier doesn’t work for me because it’s an easy excuse. It’s an opt out. Who would want me at my age. Who wouldn’t want you might be a better statement. That is old school thinking, the reality is we will all be working till we are older, so lets get used to it and enjoy the rather of our lives rather than fearing the future. My motto “I heard recently I’m going to live till I die!”

7. Back Yourself

I have hear many of our successful rugby players speaking about backing yourself. They speak about backing themselves on occasions when faced with big challenges in their rugby career. Go to a friend today and ‘back yourself’ that you won’t be unemployed in 6 months time. Hand over money in a bet to someone you know well. Publicly tell everyone you have the bet on. Back yourself, believe in yourself and you will succeed.

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