The 3 C’s – Get the best from Life & Work.

SEVEN understands that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. SEVEN Career Coaching has exclusively developed this concept to help clients get an objective view of HOW they structure their day and the small choices they make, can add up to have a BIG IMPACT!

CONTRAST: Creating space between work and home, enhances your enjoyment of both. When we just go from bed to work, bed to work, bed to work, life is dull and mundane and just feels like a cycle of work and recovery.

So how do we maintain contrast? With something we exclusively at SEVEN like to call CONTAINMENT.

Essentially, it is the idea of constructing boundaries around work and around home. Essentially the purpose is to protect each area of your life and ensure the health of each area. Think of containment like a bubble. It is a choice. Some day’s you might consciously choose to stay later at work and other days, you will concsiously choose to leave on time to make your Yoga class, meet your friends or play 5 aside.

The idea of containment is a great one for all areas of our lives and relationships. To empower ourselves, we can choose how much time, energy we want to invest into work, hobbies, socialising, exercise and how much space we require to recharge our batteries.

CONTAMINATION: Too much of anything becomes a bad thing……we’ve all heard the saying…..but it’s so true. When we allow our work lives to take over, to spill over into our evenings, weekends, our quality of life plummets. Contamination makes everything feel the same, work, home, many in this place feel they’re missing out on life, it’s just mostly a slog, with a little relief now and again to get them through.

What’s amazing about this, is it doesn’t take much to rebalance, but it does take a decision. We all know the skills, we all know what we SHOULD be doing, the difference is DECIDING we will prioritise our quality of life, more than anything else and commit to that, that magically eliminates much of the decisions and makes things pretty simple.

To discuss this further, we invite you to use our introductory phone consultation and get an understanding of how SEVEN can help you create the life and balance you would like.


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SEVEN Founder, Evelyn Cotter, London.