Just like your bank account, did you know you have an Energy Account?

I have been using the analogy of the energy bank account for many years now with clients and it is definitely one of the most effective tools in helping people become aware of the importance of balance, time out and investment back into themselves.

The basic rules are these:¬†Essentially it’s a numbers game. You only ever have 100% energy. Just as there are only ever 24 hours in each day and usually 16 waking hours in a day. Every human’s level of energy works the same, we have circadian cycles, where we are more productive and alert at certain times of the day.

When we take care of our energy, we expend it and replenish it accordingly.

Many clients come to me at a point where they may be in their energy overdraft, some have gone into credit and others are in pretty dire straits and using what can only be described as the equivalent of an energy bridge loan.

We develop habits to ensure that we work to balance our energy levels, retaining some for home, family, extra ciricular.  Some days we will work more than others. Other days we will play more and others we will rest more. Down-time, time with those we love, time for fun, creativity and physical exercise are all intrinsic parts of what can sometimes be a fine balance to get right.

There is a formula that works for each individual. The key tool to use is the check-in. Consistently checking-in with how you are feeling, where you are at today, mentally and physically.

If we have taken a lot out lately, being conscious that we need to invest back into ourselves and taking the time to do that is paramount.

The interesting thing for me as a Coach is how much this magic formula can vary person to person. For some spending down-time with loved ones is key, for others doing rigorous exercise is the route, for others having time to reflect and take a step back alone is one the key ingredients.

How healthy is your energy bank account?

1. How would you rate your day-to-day quality of life from 1-10? (1 being as low as it can be and 10 being as great as it can be)

2. Do you make the time to consistently do the things you truly enjoy i.e. hobbies, sports etc.?

3. Do you take the time to reflect and process what is going on in your life?

4. How do you feel on an average Sunday night, 1 being despairing and 10 being delighted?

5. Does your work-life spill into your home life and vice versa?

6. Do family, home or social activities suffer as a result of your work?

Where is your energy, a healthy savings deposit account, in your current account, overdraft facility, using credit or do you have the bailiffs on the door?

At this stage, you should have a good idea of how healthy your energy bank account is. To discuss this further, we invite you to use our introductory phone consultation and get an understanding of how SEVEN can help you create the life and balance you would like.


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