7 steps to enjoying the job you have now

It’s never the most popular of concepts, when I first float this with a new client who is desperate to move onwards, upwards or sometimes, anywhere away from where they currently are. But, it’s effectiveness always silences even the most initially resistant, because, finding a new job, new career, moving forward in any way takes energy, positivity and focus. Something my clients will have heard repeatedly, is ‘that the quality of our new beginning is determined by the quality of the ending preceding’.

If we are stressed and tired and fed up and feeling unappreciated in our current role, ¬†if we have weathered some difficult changes or workplace situation, finding the energy and positivity to put ourselves out there in the ways we need to, isn’t going to come easily. Our state of mind definitely determines the results we get.

So coaching rule no. 1 for SEVEN is, create happiness and balance in the here and now, find a comfortable place and only then begin taking actions to make your desired move. Often times, what my clients find is getting caught up in a negative cycle at work can be very difficult to come out of on their own. Cultural changes, structural changes can create an environment of uncertainty and generally make people feel unstable and fearful.

What we do at SEVEN, is to help you take an overview of where you’re at, what’s working, what isn’t, take stock from a few different perspectives and get a 360 view to help you detach from your situation and bring objectivity to what’s going on. Reflect upon, review your feelings and take some space to see what your views are away from the environment.

1. Take some time out, in a different environment to usual (i.e. a cafe) and write down what’s working for you, what isn’t.

2. Write down your current situation from your perspective and then from the opposing perspective. How many hours a week are you working, including working at home, checking emails etc. Really be honest with yourself and write it out in black and white.

3. Write down 3 things, you know you could be doing that would improve your current situation i.e. leaving work on time, taking a lunch break, going for a run at lunch, varying what you do after work, having a weekly yoga class, massage to relax etc. (Ask yourself, what would I need to do, to take action on these now? Can I? Will I? Commit to yourself what you’ll do.)

4. Are you making time to do the things you enjoy? Hobbies, socialising, exercise, time out? If not, decide on something you love to do or know makes you feel good and join the class, commit to doing it with a friend etc. CONTRAST

5. Write out your weekly work schedule and decide on 2 nights a week you can work late and 3 nights you will leave on time. If leaving on a time is a challenge for your, make sure to schedule a meeting with friends, a class etc. to ensure you stick to it. (In time it will become a habit). CONTAINMENT

6. Commit to  turning off your iPhone, Blackberry or whatever device when you finish work and at weekends. If you must, allow yourself one check, a maximum of 5 minutes, but no more, obviously unless there is an emergency. CONTAINMENT

7. If you don’t take lunches, or adequate breaks, start by taking small 5-10 minutes breaks away from your desk or just a short walk outside to get some air. Use the alarm on your phone to remind you to get up. CONTRAST

These are just a taster of some of the ways we help people, to create more balance in their lives and obviously, these are non-specific. To discuss how we at SEVEN can help you specifically, go here to book your complementary phone consultation.


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*Obviously, our success is based on our ability to tailor each coaching session and journey to each individual.

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