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5 Keys to Contemporary Leadership

5 Keys to Contemporary Leadership Updating our leadership styles as quickly as the workplace is changing, is the challenge of most organisations and leaders today. Contemporary leadership is worlds apart to the traditional leadership models of old and modern leaders make their own rules. With workplaces, organisations and whole [...]

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Featured in Stylist Magazine

FOMO - Stylist Magazine

What to do if you hate your job!

However, whilst you might not exactly be jumping for joy every time you swipe your security pass, most of us can have a debrief with our work wives, down something caffeinated, and get through the day feeling pretty happy with our lot in life. But if you can't? Change needs [...]

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So how does Career Coaching work?

In a response to our understanding that those of you whom haven't had career coaching previously, often ask 'so how does career coaching work?' we've asked each of our leading Coaches to describe the process and their approach in their own words. First up, is Ozlem. Ozlem’s is one [...]

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The ‘Ghost’ of Interviews Past: Six Steps on How to Recover from being Ghosted

How to overcome ‘Ghosting’ after interviewing! “Ghosting” has been a trend among those using social media and dating apps. For those unaware “ghosting” is when a person unexpectedly stops all communication in hopes that the other party simple “gets the hint” and stops reaching out to them. What is disturbing is that we’re seeing this happen more and more from potential employers over the past few years. It’s incredibly irresponsible; candidates invest hours of time and energy into presentations, resumes, and practicing interviewing only to never hear from the job poster again. These ‘interview casualties’ are then left confused and hurt and assume it was something they must have done to ‘turn the employer off’. While this may be true, it could just be a flaky employer.  […]

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The one thing all successful people have in common!

Recently, I’ve been on a drive to develop our team in new and exciting ways, as well as, checking in with our existing SEVEN Coaches and through many fantastic conversations, I couldn’t help but notice one very clear commonality we all have, having our own individual A-Team to support us, help us, teach us and to learn from. Speaking with Eden Abrahams, our New York Associate, her description of her ideal client is ‘someone who gets that they need help to accomplish things’. And I whole-heartedly agree. Having a personal trainer,  a business or work mentor, a therapist, a creativity or development coach, a support group, a writing group, an energy healer, a masseuse is all common place these days. It’s not just something for the elite or the rich and famous or indeed a Hollywood film. We live in such an amazing time, where there is literally a group or a professional out there to help you or facilitate pretty much anything you can imagine! What I come across quite commonly in my work with career and executive coaching clients, is a reticence to not just look for help, but to accept help. […]

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