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What will your team benefit most from?

SEVEN has been successfully helping teams and professionals since 2009 and has since worked within multiple organisations to create and implement a new direction, a more effective culture and transform how their management teams lead their business. We can help your organisations’ top talent and teams to do the same.

Board Level Coaching

Supporting those at the very top in an objective, whatever way they need at the time. The core strength of our coaches lies in the combination of their intellectual, commercial and professional experience and results in us being uniquely equipped to engage in highly successful executive coaching at this level.

Coaching for
Senior Women

The challenges and obstacles women face in senior positions are complex. Having specialist support to ensure women can continue to perform and progress, is key to your business’s success. Many of our Executive Coaches have indeed faced such challenges and can add immense value in supporting some of your organisations’ most valuable assets.

Team Coaching

We can work with existing or newly formed teams to facilitate a highly-effective collaborative environment + develop awareness in different behavioural styles to create high-functioning teams who thrive together and achieve great results for your business.

Top Talent Coaching

Ensure you retain, attract and grow your top talent to ensure a robust future for your organisation. Providing expert coaching for talented individuals at key transition points in their lives proves to have a huge ROI for you business. We help businesses develop their talented people through highly-tailored 1-1 coaching, bespoke team coaching, workshops and training.

Leadership Development

We work with emerging and established leaders, drawing on our track record of success to help individuals and organisations get the very best from each other. We create bespoke leadership development programmes that incorporate team workshops and one-to-one executive coaching covering key areas for that organisation.

First 90 Days

On boarding a new recruit and ensuring they have the support they need to hit the ground running is key to the success of your mid – senior new starters. Expertly supporting your new recruits before and during their first 90 days, allows for a smooth transition straight into the high-functioning mode required at this level.

Exit Coaching

We have designed a SEVEN exit programme which can be tailored to individuals or teams in your organisation. Alternatively, we can create a bespoke version specifically for your organisation’s exit programme to ensure your staff are exiting as positively as they started.

Managing Millennials

Getting the most out of your millennials is key to your business’s success and requires a modern style of leadership, developing Emotional Intelligence and understanding this generation to support and inspire them to create great results for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Having never experienced any professional coaching before, I was amazed at the benefit had to me personally, and to us three directors who participated in the group coaching. The methods SEVEN uses, and the manner in which they carry them out, are highly effective and very thought-provoking.”

Nicky Bowes
Incorporate Design

“I really wanted some professional and expert guidance. Matching to a coach that had my industry specific knowledge as well as an understanding of the level of seniority I was at, really gave me confidence. I knew that SEVEN would offer me the coaches and the process that would give me the options and expertise I was looking for.

The coaching process is challenging, it’s invigorating. It’s a lot of hard work – but it’s worth it. I’ve been delighted how far I’ve got. You feel like you’ve done something and you’re working towards a really positive outcome.”

Marketing Director

“The experience was excellent all round. I learned a lot about how to deal with various situations in a management capacity, how to best present myself and how to analyse myself.”

“Higher levels of motivation. Better self-awareness. Increased circle of influence.”

Matt O’ Daly
Senior Director eCommerce Europe
Warner Music Group

Why choose to work with SEVEN?

Well firstly, we’ve been around.

We’ve been helping companies, high-performers and teams thrive since 2009. Secondly, our Coaches have coaching in their DNA, simply put, they’re standout naturals who’s passion about personal and human development is electric. Our Coaches are hand-picked, rigorously vetted and put through their paces from the best in London to make it on to the SEVEN team.

Personalised Approach

Whether it’s 1-1 coaching for high-performers or a bespoke leadership development programme, we have a track-record in really getting to know our clients, so that we can thoroughly and accurately assess their needs. That knowledge then enables us to create the very best in bespoke offerings that exceed delivery expectations and create a long-term alliance, supporting you as your business evolves. 

Trusted Coaches

Every Coach on the SEVEN team has been expertly vetted. We don’t just look for trained Coaches, we look for standout people and behaviour experts, dynamic stars in the field, with a track record in achieving exceptional results. Depending on your organisations’ needs, we will find the most relevant expert to match your organisations’ culture and team, whether that’s in coaching, training or facilitation.

Real Results

We understand that great results come through our thorough understanding of where your business is at and where your business is going. We very thoroughly research and learn about your organisational and team challenges and objectives, to enable us to make the most accurate assessment of what’s needed, what format will work best for your team and which of our Coaches will work best with you to achieve this. 

Some of our company coaching team:

Maktuno Suit SEVEN Executive Coach

Maktuno Suit

Executive Coach + Organisational Consultant 

Maktuno has international experience coaching business leaders and CEOs and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and demands of today’s leaders. His coaching draws on his work as an accomplished organisational consultant equipping companies to improve employee wellbeing, performance and psychological dynamics in the workplace.

image sarah bolas seven trainer coach

Sarah Bolas
Lead Trainer
+ Executive Coach

Sarah has a successful track record helping individuals and organisations manage change, create new cultures and make huge behavioural shifts for the better. Sarah has successfully designed and lead one of SEVEN’s most successful leadership development programmes, working with the senior leadership team in a workshop capacity, while also working on a 1-1 basis, achieving resoundingly positive feedback and impressive results.

image of Susana Martinez SEVEN Career Coach

Susana Martinez

Career Coach

Susana has a successful track record within financial markets and professional services environments, having worked in middle-management positions for leading investment banks, hedge funds and consulting firms, she is perfectly places to help new managers become highly-effective. She is a qualified Executive, Corporate and Personal Performance Coach and is passionate about supporting people to grow and realise their full potential.

Increase your team’s:

» Confidence    » Focus    » Productivity
» Sense of Direction