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Serving a highly diverse corporate and private client base, both London-based, New York-based and internationally. We are made up of a team of dynamic, fresh, innovative experts in career coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, leadership and management training, facilitation, as well as personal branding.

Our hand-picked team of Coaches have diverse backgrounds across the creative industries, education and HR, finance, banking, learning and development, entertainment and media.

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Evelyn Cotter
Shoreditch, the City

Personal Branding    Coaching for Organisations in the Millennial Age  

Leading SEVEN since 2011 and coaching since 2009, Evelyn is a Coach and entrepreneur. Creating a positive and uplifting business that aligns with her core values, passions and delivers powerful results with imagination and personality, is her mission with SEVEN. Her focus is now building a fresh, contemporary coaching brand and approach with the help of leading Coaches. Her vision for SEVEN is to have the most authentic, dynamic coaching expert to fit each and every client need in the millennial age.

Now London’s market leader in career coaching, SEVEN is a brand built upon the reputation of Evelyn’s coaching with her individual and organisational clients since 2009, as well as the fantastic work her team of coaches have been achieving. SEVEN’s coaches and clients have described Evelyn as pragmatic, fun, innovative and dynamic. Drawing on her experience as a successful business owner, journalist, editor, creative director in the fashion industry and as a marketing manager for a fin-tech startup, she sees SEVEN as an exciting vessel through which to utilise her diverse interests, talents and experience. Understanding first-hand, the challenge to find direction and meaning in life, she is a living and breathing embodiment of the power of coaching and loves nothing better than to see others experience the same!

Her vision for SEVEN as it grows, is to continue to build a team around her of leading thinkers in this field, to help inspire, support and facilitate millions of people around the world to master living life on their terms, define what success means to them and contribute in meaningful ways at their fullest potential.

Susana Martinez Denia SEVEN Executive Coach London

Susana Martínez Denia

Millennial Leadership Coach
The City, Canary Wharf, London

Performance Expert     Career Change     Career Development     Managing Millennials

Susana has a successful track record within financial markets and professional services sectors, having worked as a millennial in management positions for leading investment banks, hedge funds and consulting firms before making her own career change to becoming an Executive Coach. She is a qualified Executive, Performance and Career Coach and specialises in taking professionals to new levels of success, fulfilment and self-management in their careers.  She works especially well with millennial managers and leaders, or those traversing the management of a millennial workforce. Susana’s performance coaching focuses on those who are not satisfied with the status quo, powerfully supporting them to see beyond their current capabilities to realise their full professional potential.

Susana displays intuition and an acute ability to encourage individuals to explore new perspectives and see their world and themselves differently. With her support, her clients are equipped with a new winning mind-set and set of behaviours, enabling them to craft a career they can thrive and grow in. She combines her experience in Finance, Banking and Consulting with her expertise working with professionals across these sectors, providing her with a unique understanding of their skills and the attitude required to thrive and manage careers in such fast-paced and demanding environments. She brings energy, structure and strategy to the coaching process, is an ideal Coach for those international professionals wanting to smoothly transition into the UK and London professional environment or job market and holds sessions in English, Spanish and French.

image sarah bolas seven trainer coach

Sarah Bolas
Change Coach, Trainer + Facilitator
The City, London

Change Management      Leadership Development      Team Coaching 

Sarah is a highly collaborative and dynamic Coach, specialising in the design and delivery of bespoke programmes to drive behavioural change. With a proven track record and a decade of experience of delivering large scale transformational change programmes, (including the unprecedented merger of three London City Councils); she has spent the latter five years developing an agile and provocative framework of interventions that create tangible change for individuals and the organisations they work for. Bringing her expertise in the ‘how’ of people transformation; the change approaches and programmes she develops and runs have been called ‘insightful’, ‘game changing’ and ‘life altering’.

Working with CEO’s to EA’s, senior leaders, apprentices and stay-at-home mums and dads; the common factor is that Sarah works with those that genuinely desire real change and are completely committed to make it happen. She thrives on working deeply and authentically and believes that until people are doing something different, the work isn’t over.

Through a custom-made blend of approaches; she brings her passion for neuroscience and the latest psychological thinking to a diverse range of skills including project and programme methodology, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, training and advanced facilitation to enable change in a holistic and powerful but pragmatic way.

Jeremy Behrmann Executive Coach

Jeremy Behrmann
Executive Coach
The City, London, Skype

Executive Coaching        Career Change     Personal Branding     Leadership 

Jeremy Behrmann is an international executive coach and facilitator. Jeremy is driven to help individuals discover their “sweet spot”, that is, their value proposition represented by the perfect combination of their individual passions, values, natural skills and desired impact.

He has been coaching and facilitating since 2007, working successfully with individuals at senior levels privately, as well as with leading organisations such as Europcar, Clarins, First National Bank, the NHS and McKinsey. He achieved his coaching diploma with masters accreditation from the University of Middlesex.

With a strong commercial and pragmatic focus, Jeremy also brings his love for adventure into his work by constantly challenging what a truly powerful coaching experience is and where it takes place. He is the author of ‘Breakaway’ which is a coaching guide to navigating career transitions and discovering innovation through sabbaticals.  He has been a key facilitator at ‘Burning Man Festival’ in the USA and is also a pioneer of wilderness coaching, using the natural environment to help people transform their careers and lives in powerful and meaningful ways.

Maktuno Suit Executive Coach Therapist

Maktuno Suit
Executive Coach
London, Skype

Change / Transition      Performance Enhancement      Leadership

Maktuno has international experience coaching business leaders and CEOs and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and demands of today’s leaders. He is also an accomplished organisational consultant equipping companies to improve employee wellbeing, performance and psychological dynamics in the workplace.

He has a sophisticated and straight-talking approach that provides our executive clients with confidential space to reflect and problem-solve. He is adaptable to his client’s priorities and has relevant experience helping people to make major career decisions and transitions; achieve a healthy work-life balance and fulfil personal goals and ambitions. He uses creative methods and powerful questioning to help people re-conceptualise obstacles and develop innovative strategies for overcoming them.

With a background in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, he brings a curiosity and intuitive awareness of the unconscious motivators that effect his clients and their journeys into and through the working world. This is uniquely coupled with his outcome-focused coaching approach,  and a pragmatism with which he drives clients towards successfully achieving their goals.

Joanna Hunek SEVEN Executive Coach London

Joanna Hunek
Executive Coach 
Skype, London

Performance     Leadership      Career Change / Direction

Joanna is a direct and highly energetic coach with a passion for leadership and personal development, building confidence, courage and intentional performance. With a decade of experience in a global blue chip company where she gained her skills and interest in people’s professional development, nurturing talents and delivering engaging training workshops, she is successfully coaching managers, leaders and leaders-to-be into being purposeful and inspirational leaders of the 21st century.

As a CTI trained Co-Active coach and CIPD qualified Learning and Development professional she is equipped to help her clients around a vast range of career and professional goals.

Emma Pratt SEVEN Executive Coach

Emma Pratt
Executive Coach

Leadership     Personal Branding      Senior Career Direction + Change

Emma has over 18 years of experience in people development, business, and communications with a background in  advertising.  She has worked for several leading advertising agencies with some of the world’s largest brands (P&G, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson to name a few), which has enabled her to gain knowledge of leading and managing teams, business acumen, creative thinking, strategic skills and communicating with others. Emma is an Accredited Associate Executive Coach with The Academy of Executive Coaching who works predominately with mid to senior level executives and business owners.  She strives to help people increase their awareness, potential and performance through sustainable change and actionable goals.

Emma specialises in helping senior professionals to define their personal brand, clarify their career vision, pivot and re-position themselves for new directions. Emma has coached senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds including the advertising, retail, finance, legal, charity and medical sectors as well as entrepreneurs, journalists, writers and business owners.  She has a unique approach which combines her executive coaching skills with her marketing knowledge, creative ‘out the box’ thinking developed from her advertising career and her experience of operating at a peak level of performance as an international athlete.

Millennial Coach Eli Bohemond

Eli Bohemond
Graduate + Millennial Coach 
Skype, London

Discover Your Purpose    Target a Career    Uncover the Hidden Job Market      Win the Job

Eli’s coaching is complimented by his background in management consulting, business development, entrepreneurship and higher education. Having made 4 successful career transitions himself and coaching over 400 people  from 70 countries (and counting) on the navigation of major career and life decisions, Eli’s mission is to help his clients answer the question, “What is my life’s purpose?” while providing structured actionable steps to achieve their goals. 

He has reengineered 1000+ CVs and cover letters as well as personally interviewed with over 80+ firms around the world including EY, PwC, Accenture along with many other boutique consulting firms, Fortune 500 corporations and tech start-ups. Eli has also assisted 100s of high school and college students figure out what specialisation to pursue for their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees and guided them through successful applications. His passion and knowledge around career development and the direct approach he takes to researching different industries makes him an invaluable mentor to his clients.

Confidence Coach Patrycja

Patrycja Skurzak
Career Coach + Life Coach
Skype, London

Confidence      Life Coaching      Personal Branding     Change / Transition

Patrycja is a qualified CTI Co-Active Coach and an NLP Practitioner specializing in helping people unleash their full potential, understand their uniqueness and channel their inner drive and energy more effectively both, in personal as well as professional life.

Having worked with one of the top ranked Business Schools in the world, advising and consulting MBA graduates on their career choices, Patrycja developed a strong passion for challenging and supporting young professionals in achieving their highest level of performance and fulfilment in life. She specializes in confidence building, career transition and personal branding. She works with highly motivated individuals who want to be their best, most authentic selves so that they can live and work more fully and passionately.

In her practice, she forms creative and stimulating partnerships, using individual tools and techniques to help people generate their own solutions and hold them accountable for following through. Her coaching style is very energetic and creative and often involves connecting with nature. She takes her clients through a stimulating journey of self-discovery where confidence is naturally shaped by every step they take into the wonders of their inner strengths.

Confidence Coach Patrycja

Sandra Berko
Millennial Coach  +  Tech Startup Specialist
Skype, London

Performance Coaching      Career Coaching      Change / Transition

Sandra believes by gaining an understanding into an individual’s personality, behaviours and strengths, we can start to close the gap between what they do for a living and who they are as a person.

Coming from a recruitment/HR background in the startup space, the challenges of juggling chaos and trying to find a balance or ‘happy medium’ between work and personal life is a real problem many are facing, and that of which I can personally relate to.

By using performance coaching, Sandra’s mission is to empower people to identify how to become a better version of themselves, whilst achieving both their career or business goals and personal aspirations.

Sandra’s clients have commended her for asking the right questions and leading you to finding solutions that are practical and actionable, where you can see results within weeks. Sandra’s great at separating symptom from cause, helping to focus on addressing the core of the problem rather than the noise that surrounds it. Above all else, Sandra’s friendly, professional, and empathetic.

Graduate Career Coach Hannah Salton

Hannah Salton
Career Coach + Graduate Recruitment Specialist
Skype, London

Career Direction      Career Development     Career Change

Hannah is a career coach specialising in helping professionals create meaningful careers that they love. Coming from a HR and graduate recruitment background with 8 years in the legal and professional services industry and most recently leading UK graduate recruitment for a large global firm. With detailed knowledge of the skills required to succeed as a graduate, Hannah is an expert in the early careers talent market, and has spent over 17,000 hours assessing candidates throughout her career.

Hannah holds two post-graduate executive coaching qualifications, and is a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management. Her coaching focuses on raising awareness and accountability of her clients, allowing them to make big changes they never believed possible. Hannah finds tapping into her clients’ underlying beliefs, values and motivators is the most effective way to enable growth and long-term transformational change.

Career Coach William Graham

William Graham
Career Coach + Performance Coach
Skype, London

Career Change     Career Development     Millennials     Entrepreneurs

William’s mission is to empower extraordinary people in leading truly fulfilling lives. For more than 10 years he has been engaged in the study and cultivation of human potential within the fields of Psychology, Performance Coaching, and Meditation.

He has a proven track record having coached over 120 clients adding up to 1,300+ hours within 1:1 and group coaching sessions, as well as personal development workshops. His coaching focus is with millennial entrepreneurs and high-achievers based within the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Middle East. 

William’s clients have described him as a driven and dynamic positive force empowering exponential growth, optimal performance, and sustainable behavioral change. The coaching sessions have been recognized as thought provoking, supportive, and challenging processes actualizing the desired outcomes.

William completed his MSC in Applied Psychology from Middlesex University. His coaching qualifications are from Performance Consultants International, a pioneering organization within the UK.  He is now in the final stage of the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) qualification. The PCC being one of three globally recognized Gold Standard certifications awarded by the International Coaching Federation, the largest governing body in the field.

Innovation Coach Eleanor Gibson London SEVEN

Eleanor Gibson
Innovation Specialist + Career Coach 
Skype, London

Career Change      Leadership Development      Innovation      Charities + NGO’s

As an innovation consultant, Eleanor enables her clients to amplify their impact through innovation. As a qualified Personal and Performance Coach she has led hundreds of hours of coaching to empower her clients to achieve personal change, fast.

Eleanor specialises in working with successful professionals who aren’t satisfied with the status quo; helping them transform their careers.  Her combination of momentum, balanced challenge and support and powerful tools give her clients clarity and confidence.  From founding their own business to following their passion, she has helped her clients achieve deep satisfaction in their lives.  She is an ideal coach for those wishing to successfully pivot to the non-profit sector.