How to develop true Leadership Edge: Communication

In the 2nd part of this series I wrote about Authentic Leadership. I stressed the importance of being sufficiently self-aware to understand who you really are as a leader. Today we’re going to explore how you might want to communicate as an authentic leader. SEVEN Powerful Questions to clarify your vision as a Leader […]

The Underestimated Skills many Results-Driven Folk Miss!

The secret weapon to career success is not talent or work ethic, it’s not even network or connections or education. People skills, or as is most popularly termed now, soft-skills in our work and lives are the supportive behaviours, that act almost like a conduit through which our talent, expertise, knowledge and ability can flow and develop. We regularly come across extreme examples of people, who are highly results-driven individuals, high-achievers, incredibly ambitious, achieving amazing results for their organisations, but are either not getting promoted, are not very well liked or are having enough influence, in some occasions even getting fired or demoted, due to their lack of basic people-skills and lack of understanding the value they have to their own success. […]

Create a Standout CV: Tips from the Pro’s

CV’s at their most effective, serve as a compelling marketing document, selling who you are professionally and what you can do. At their most basic, they are a chronological report of what you have done, telling not selling. To standout, you’ve got to sell. To sell, you’ve got to get clear on who you are, what you can do and what’s unique about you that’s relevant to your desired role. Many clients report feeling unsure about how to sell themselves or feel uncomfortable with the idea of pushing out to the front, what they have done well, but this does and will prevent you from progressing in the ways you deserve. Selling has a bad wrap, but it’s all about understanding value and how you think about it. […]

Class of 2015 – Your Graduate Career Starts Here

Whether you want help to clarify your first steps, develop the skills to ace your interviews and assessment days, get that sought after internship, […]

What really ensures your Success as a Leader.

Remember I mentioned Henry Ford’s quote in the 3rd part of the series  “whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right”. Your beliefs about yourself influence your thoughts, so really what is at play here is an awareness of your inner beliefs and how those inner beliefs can determine your success as a leader. This part of the series relates to transitioning into a leadership role, and how your ingrained beliefs can make a success or failure of your move. […]

New role? Guarantee success in your first 90 days!

Starting on the right footing is key to your success in any new role, from graduate right up to executive level. The opportunity in your first 90 days is fantastic in setting a new tone, in shaping your personal brand and how other’s view you and in making strategic alliances. Starting as you mean to go on, will allow you to grow in the right direction from the beginning. […]

Personal Branding & your LinkedIN profile

Have you ever noticed, when you look up a person or company on Google, that one of the first 3 links that appears in the search results is a LinkedIn profile? Such is the power and influence of your LinedIN profile, if it’s not strong and accurately reflecting you at your best, it’s absolutely a hindrance and could be holding you back! You have one shot at a first impression and your LinkedIN profile is usually that shot! In this day and age, it’s like your shop window, it’s the difference between getting opportunities, making the right impact or not. […]

The Strongest Start any Graduate Can Have!

We are excited in the lead up to the launch of our specially tailored new range of graduate career coaching packages, covering everything from career direction, interview skills coaching, CV writing, understanding suitability, personal branding and more. Whether you or your loved one is a recent or new graduate from a degree, MA, PhD, MBA, […]

The Important Relationship between Failure and Leadership.

Today, I’d like to discuss the relationship between failure and leadership in the next part of my blog series on leadership.Show me a leader who hasn’t failed in any way…….you won’t find one. What you will find is that great leaders are not afraid of failure. […]

The Power of Archetypes to your Personal Brand.

In today’s article I would like to focus on personal branding archetypes, and why defining and reflecting on them is such an important step in building your personal brand and understanding how you’re currently perceived and how you want to be perceived, in order to achieve your goals. […]

Job search: target organisations, not just vacancies.

One of the simplest things many people overlook about career coaching and clarifying what they want to do with their career is; that all it’s really about is preference. Knowing your individual preferences. Each and everyone of us has very specific likes and dislikes in everything and finding where you’ll be most satisfied, […]

What is your Leadership Style + Potential?

In the first of my articles in this Leadership series, I explained the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in being an effective leader. To develop as a leader, working on both is as good a start as you can get. […]

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Heading We are in the process of finishing our new website and so excited to show off our new career coaching case studies online magazine, that we just can’t wait until our launch next week. So here’s a sneak peak. We used our clients and coaches feedback to bring them to life and show how versatile SEVEN Career Coaching can be.  […]

Interview Tips from the PROs 2

Our resident interview expert, Career Coach Evelyn Cotter, gives more of her interview tips from the PROs. Today, she’s talking about tips from marketing and politicians alike and how to manage your next interview like a PRO. […]

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