Money is one of those subjects that people get uncomfortable, emotional and often upset around. Most of us have resistance around having money, spending money, borrowing money, how much so and so has, how much we have and what we do for money.

The key to unlocking our earning and happiness potential is in understanding our unconscious thoughts and emotions around this subject, usually formed in childhood and inherited from our parents. Becoming aware of our relationship with money and how we earn it, can be the most liberating thing you can do and actually choosing as an adult how you want to think and feel around the subject, can free you to do what you really want, earn what you really want and live the life you have dreamed of! 

What a fantastic resource, I can’t recommend this book enough, it’s simple, short and has fantastic tools and exercises for your to apply these principles.

Phil Laut – Money is My Friend by arch_loafer

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