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Look a little differently to attract & recruit brighter, better talent.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a fantastically dynamic team at the world’s leading creative customer collaboration consultancy C Space on the Southbank in London and help them with a recruitment challenge. Any recruitment challenge is a business challenge, make no bones about it. Talent are the life blood of growing companies and so often, how companies recruit is so easily overlooked. Great talent means great business, so investing in the process, is investing in the business. It seems obvious, but not in practise. More apt and costly for small to medium growing businesses, where mistakes really cost, the pressure’s on to get it right first time! Here’s how C Space did it. The Challenge at C Space: Replacing a pivotal top performing team member in the growing business development team, with zero room for error allowed. The objective: To attract the highest calibre candidates (in the top 1%, based on C Space’s agreed competencies and traits) and select the best fit. The problem: Their current recruitment process was not attracting the right types of candidates. The real problem: […]

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The Underestimated Skills many Results-Driven Folk Miss!

The secret weapon to career success is not talent or work ethic, it’s not even network or connections or education. People skills, or as is most popularly termed now, soft-skills in our work and lives are the supportive behaviours, that act almost like a conduit through which our talent, expertise, knowledge and ability can flow and develop. We regularly come across extreme examples of people, who are highly results-driven individuals, high-achievers, incredibly ambitious, achieving amazing results for their organisations, but are either not getting promoted, are not very well liked or are having enough influence, in some occasions even getting fired or demoted, due to their lack of basic people-skills and lack of understanding the value they have to their own success. […]

Personal Branding & your LinkedIN profile

Have you ever noticed, when you look up a person or company on Google, that one of the first 3 links that appears in the search results is a LinkedIn profile? Such is the power and influence of your LinedIN profile, if it’s not strong and accurately reflecting you at your best, it’s absolutely a hindrance and could be holding you back! You have one shot at a first impression and your LinkedIN profile is usually that shot! In this day and age, it’s like your shop window, it’s the difference between getting opportunities, making the right impact or not. […]

The Power of Archetypes to your Personal Brand.

In today’s article I would like to focus on personal branding archetypes, and why defining and reflecting on them is such an important step in building your personal brand and understanding how you’re currently perceived and how you want to be perceived, in order to achieve your goals. […]

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