Leadership Series: The Power of Succession Planning

Throughout this 7-part Leadership series, we have discussed how to bring the best out of yourself to optimise your performance as a leader. The honesty and authenticity of your approach provides you with the opportunity to influence all of those around you in a more positive and compelling way. The same is true for those who report into you. You want to bring the best out of them. Succession plans are essential in all organisations for many reasons. […]

How to develop true Leadership Edge: Communication

In the 2nd part of this series I wrote about Authentic Leadership. I stressed the importance of being sufficiently self-aware to understand who you really are as a leader. Today we’re going to explore how you might want to communicate as an authentic leader. SEVEN Powerful Questions to clarify your vision as a Leader […]

What really ensures your Success as a Leader.

Remember I mentioned Henry Ford’s quote in the 3rd part of the series  “whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right”. Your beliefs about yourself influence your thoughts, so really what is at play here is an awareness of your inner beliefs and how those inner beliefs can determine your success as a leader. This part of the series relates to transitioning into a leadership role, and how your ingrained beliefs can make a success or failure of your move. […]

The Important Relationship between Failure and Leadership.

Today, I’d like to discuss the relationship between failure and leadership in the next part of my blog series on leadership.Show me a leader who hasn’t failed in any way…….you won’t find one. What you will find is that great leaders are not afraid of failure. […]

What is your Leadership Style + Potential?

In the first of my articles in this Leadership series, I explained the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in being an effective leader. To develop as a leader, working on both is as good a start as you can get. […]

Authentic leadership – key to executive success.

Here, Jasper shares his second article in his 7-part series on leadership, this week he focuses on what is authentic leadership and how to develop it. […]

The 7 steps to Leadership.

The topic of leadership is vast. It is relevant to each and every one of us. Every time you make a decision or take an action which impacts others, you’re leading. Here, Jasper, SEVEN’s Executive Coach and leadership expert is beginning with his first article in a series on the 7 aspects of leadership over the coming months. So keep tuned. […]

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The Essentials of Networking – Top tips

SEVEN’s Executive Coach Jasper Walshe share’s his pearls of wisdom and top networking tips! Building a professional network is essential in almost every role. Nothing happens in the world of business without the support of people. If you want to advance your career, having people who can support you along the way, from clients to advisors and superiors to direct reports – we need to make the most of building effective relationships. First impressions last, so be aware of the following tips when you go to a networking event. […]