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Change career by pivoting – 7 how-to tips.

Many of our new clients call us having already made attempts to change career and report feeling so frustrated and downtrodden, at their inability to be viewed differently by recruiters. Feeling it’s impossible […]

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We’re talking career change with Forbes!

We are delighted to be featured this week on Forbes Middle East, sharing our expertise on career change Forbes. […]

Stop getting pigeon-holed. 2 must-do’s to change career!

Getting pigeon-holed is something many of our new clients report when first coming to us for career change coaching.  […]

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Welcome to Life Coaching Fridays!

Forget ‘motivational Monday’, it’s now officially all about Life Coaching Fridays! We thought Friday was a great day every week for us to lighten things up and share some life inspiration. Our usual career focused how-to coaching articles will continue as usual during the rest of the week. […]

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How to be more creative!

Creative can be substituted for…successful, happy, balanced, healthy, inspired, inspiring, innovative, fresh, whole’ etc. Creativity benefits every aspect of life, your performance at work, you business, your interpersonal skills, being a more interesting conversationalist, […]

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How to develop impact and get a promotion.

Developing impact is something that we focus on with many clients at all levels through our career coaching programmes. It’s a fascinating area to look at and so gratifying to develop, spanning all aspects of life with far-reaching benefits for those who master it. How to develop impact is something that seems quite intangible, but in fact, is more of a strategic process using self-awareness and developing softer skills. […]

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5 Invaluable Lessons from working with a Career Coach

Whether you’re feeling stuck in your current role, you’re ready to switch industries or you’d just like to build out a more explicit plan for your career, working with a career coach may be the tool you need. […]

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A blogger’s experience of our free coaching phone consultation

We offer all potential new client enquiries a free 20 minute coaching phone consultation to better understand the coaching process and learn about the specifics around how coaching can help you and your individual situation and also, the difference between SEVEN’s approach and style of our coaches to other coaching companies! I spoke with Linde just this past Friday on one such phone call and this is her account, she shared with her readers on her blog An Urban Village, she also designed the gorgeous quotes inspired from our chat! Thanks Linde. […]

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We’re backing Stylist’s ‘Reclaim your lunch break’ campaign!

We’re delighted Stylist magazine has launched this simple but oh so necessary campaign today, on the back of stats that over 54% of Londoners work through their lunch hour every day! That’s 240 hours a year! […]

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Happy New Year from all of us at SEVEN!

  2015 is here! We love a New Year at SEVEN HQ! New energy, new focus and hopefully everyone’s rejuvenated after a long Christmas break of eating and sleeping! We spent most of our time snowboarding in the very beautiful Meribel, France, so did extra eating for good measure! […]

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