What we believe about ourselves determines everything in our lives. Our belief systems are essentially the programmes that run in the background and create HOW we see ourselves and that then determines HOW we behave, the choices we make, what and who we surround ourselves with, our self-image, absolutely everything.

If you’re stuck in a rut, keep repeating an unwanted pattern of behaviour, making the same mistakes, or not attracting what you want into your life, examine your beliefs. Your beliefs are the source of every thought and action you make, so if you don’t like what you’re getting use the simple steps below and examine what the core beliefs are around the specific area you’re working on.

1) Identify your limiting beliefs.

You can’t change your beliefs if you don’t know what they are. Write down an exhaustive list of what you believe about money. If you don’t have any limiting beliefs about money, congratulations – you’re done and you should be doing nicely for yourself. If not, use the following steps to deal with each belief one at a time.

2) What’s the worst that could happen to you if this belief were true?

Investigate this belief to the core – what do you believe is the worst that could happen to you if this belief were absolutely true? Write down your worst fears, by facing them you break down their power. The more painful you make this 2nd step the easier it will be to change your belief.

3) Ask yourself if this belief is always true?

Answer these 3 questions to start breaking your belief down;

i. Is this belief always true?

ii. Is it true for everyone?

iii. Has there ever been a time when it wasn’t true?

4) What would be an empowering alternative to this belief?

Create an empowering alternative to this belief. State it positively, in the form of affirmations. For example, for my 3 limiting beliefs I wrote down:

i. I am making even more profits while working even less.

ii. I am making even more profits now with the wealth of knowledge & skills I already have.

iii. More and more wealth flows into my life because I richly deserve an abundance of it.

5) What’s the best that could happen to you if your new empowering belief was true?

Dream big with this one. Write down all the good changes that would happen in your life if your new belief was true. The more fun and pleasurable you make this answer the more your mind will be drawn towards your new belief.

6) Place your new beliefs in a place you’ll see often.

Place your new beliefs in a place you’ll see often, pasted on the mirror, in your wallet or on your desktop. You can also write your new beliefs down or say them aloud to yourself for a week, or ideally for 30 days.

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