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We are a full-service coaching consultancy focused on empowering people to lead more satisfying and successful lives, whether that’s at work or at home. We are experts in helping people improve career performance, find career direction, gain exposure for promotion, supporting and expertly guiding people through change, and uncover new career opportunities.

We also coach people toward personal goals and to develop confidence, assertiveness, interpersonal skills and greater communication. If you want to gain clarity, change career, maximize your personal or professional effectiveness, we can help. Our approach is tailored to you and can provide you with the expertise, practical tools and confidence to make it happen, whatever ‘it’ is to you.







So, what is coaching...?

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.”


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SEVEN Founder & Coach

Jasper Walshe

Executive Coach

Amy Savage

Associate Coach, Creative Industries

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Testimonials From Our Clients

I got huge insight and clarity from using SEVEN Coaching.  For the first time ever I actually felt clear about the things I had been doing in my life previously.  Sometimes you need someone to point things out to you as it might take us years to eventually figure out where we’ve been going wrong.

Alistair, Teacher

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I went for my first coaching session. I figured a bit of coaching couldn’t hurt. It’s funny how things turn out when you keep an open mind. All areas of my life are now changing in a positive way.

Melanie, Aviation

When I first came to SEVEN, I knew I needed a change in both my personal and work life, but didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t have the confidence or belief that my life could change. Evelyn changed all of this. Her easy going manner and ability to explain situations helped me realise that life.

Project Manager, Telecoms

For sometime I have been looking for some extra guidance with my life in the form of a professional adviser. After liasing with a couple of coaches (and also a psychotherapist for some more personal guidance). I found Evelyn and after just one telephone session I was immediately feeling far more confident and focused.

James, Music Producer

Evelyn’s huge strength is to let you make the discoveries and observations for yourself. I first came to Evelyn just to get some direction in my career, but within a short space of time, my life itself has been transformed in subtle but profound ways.

Alan, Marketing Manager

I committed to coaching to try to address a reticence to promoting myself, particularly in relation to a writing project that I had expended an enormous amount of time and energy on developing. Each session, through a very relaxed and organic approach, built on the last and had a clear outcome for me.

Stanley Notte, Engineer & Author

My life was going nowhere very fast when I first came to see Evelyn. I was absolutely overwhelmed with how bad things had become. I now have hope in the future and find it difficult not to be optimistic.

Christopher, Agriculture

I first came to see Evelyn, when like most people I was feeling depressed about the recession. I was a little nervous going to see a stranger to talk about my problems but Evelyn soon put me at ease. She gave me some exercises to examine my values and challenged my unhelpful opinions of myself.

Sarah, Ballet School Owner

I have learnt new ways to approach life and have a confidence in myself that I have never had before. SEVEN has helped me to take lots of tiny steps and that has led to lots of big leaps!

Kate, Mid-Wife & Artist

I came to see Evelyn after a friend recommended her…it was during a time of loads of change in my career and although I knew I needed to take new steps I was unsure and afraid of failing. Evelyn got me straight away! I needed the confidential, independent and objective interaction.

Projects Manager, Banking

I approached SEVEN in an effort to resolve a complicated work related issue that had been on-going for sometime. Evelyn was extremely effective at discerning the cause of the difficulty and proposing  ways in which it could  be resolved. She has a relaxed and efficient manner which certainly helped to provide clarity and structure.

Carl, Environmental Consultant & Journalist

Evelyn’s positiveness and professionalism in her way of working, a sincere enthusiasm in her job which really makes the process effective as well as fun, her desire of helping you achieve the best from the sessions in a smooth way while always keeping an open minded yet honest approach. Money well spent!

Veronica, Finance

What I’ve noticed right off the bat is that Evelyn has a genuine passion and interest in helping those that seek her guidance to succeed. If you were like me – feeling uncertain and confused – then Evelyn can help you find that spark and direction to become a new more fulfilled and powerful you.

Mariela, Consultant

I found Evelyn to be flexible, fun, a great listener with an effective method for getting to the heart of the issue. Thanks to SEVEN, I’m now nowhere near as stressed about the decisions I’m facing. I have a heightened sense of self awareness and I’m more confident and content in the decisions I will make.

Sarah Hinch, Business Analyst, Banking

I sought career coaching as I was confused regarding my career choice and wanted to explore other options.By working with Evelyn, I tried new things I had never thought about before and I discovered feelings and emotions I wasn’t aware of. I am no longer afraid to take steps forward.

Jennifer Igleasis, Designer, Fashion

I found myself leaving sessions on a high, simply down to Evelyn’s ability to get you to think positively and BIG and showing you CAN achieve things. It’s been uplifting.

Muirish, Law Graduate & DJ

Enriching and very useful, a process through which you discover more about yourself and improve not only on a career level but in approaching your general everyday life.

Carla, Advertising

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